Thursday, April 05, 2012

Update on Sinking Staten Island Ferry in New Windsor

Last week we received another update on the sinking retired Staten Island ferry in New Windsor, near Newburgh. This time, our watchdog in the area took photos of the ferry from his boat. See those below.

From: BA
To: John Lipscomb
Subject: Ferry in Newburgh


Returned to find the ferry in an even more precarious position, listing more offshore. Launched my boat today in Newburgh and took the attached photos. Took a close look inside the oil containment boom and could find no signs or smell of oil. aft, I heard that the owners had a salvage plan, I will keep my eye on it. 

To read more about this sinking ferry, click here.


Gary Donelian said...

this sadly reminds me of the history of commercial shipping
here in the Hudson River.Allmanner of sailing craft,but mostly Hudson River Sloops were used by the Dutch io ferry all manner of cargo before the era of the railroad.Sadly they were all either scuttled for salvage,or burned,leaving no surviving relics.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have an update on this ferry???