Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Landslide into Wetland at Residential Development in Milton

The above picture is of a development in Milton, just north of Newburgh, on the ridge above the river and a recent landslide.

Property owners often cut the trees on the bank, for the view, and then often the bank collapses.

Note that the CSX freight rail line runs along the shore here. A small marsh has been captured between the bank and the rails. There is a small culvert/outlet for the marsh, too small to keep the marsh healthy, just big enough to keep the marsh drained so the railroad won’t get flooded. Although really compromised, these little stifled marshes still provide much needed habitat. This marsh just got trashed by the landslide.

We’ve all heard the expression, “death by a thousand cuts.”

This is one.


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Anonymous said...

Where I live this is a big problem. Wealthy home owners cut down trees to get a better view and increase their property value (Surrey, British Columbia). Sometimes it is on their property and often its not. Problem is, we have a BNSF rail line that has been wiped out numerous times thanks to these home owners. BNSF is now suing (successfully) these folks whoever causes damages to their rail line.