Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Church dumping into Harlem River



This is a Church owned property on the Harlem River at Highbridge. We're told it's used as a dog kennel for exotic hunting dogs and as a homeless shelter. Whatever - they're using the Harlem River as a dumpster. Police, DEC and DEP boats go by this all the time. We've included two photos to show that new material is being dumped all the time. RK has contacted the Church.

Painting R. Ian Fletcher

Mid-season haulout - when we painted the Fletcher's topsides. The first photo shows her bare naked; the second shows her after three new coats of paint. "RIVERKEEPER" graphics will follow.

Leaking boom in Albany

There is a discharge at the Mobil terminal at Albany where there is a permanently rigged oil boom - they must have a leak problem. Recently a new boom and oil absorb were deployed but it looks like someone forgot the tide. We often see this; a boom is rigged which doesn't stand a chance of doing any good. I can hear it now, "but we made every effort, we rigged a boom." RvK is contacting the terminal.

Shipping Lane Traffic

A southbound ship from Albany passes close by near Magdalen Island.

The Working Girls of the River

"FLETCHER" getting ready to spend the night with a several tugs - "working girls."

Federal Lock at Troy

Entering the Federal Lock at Troy. This is the north end of the tidal Hudson - the Estuary - about 135 nautical miles north of the Battery. This lock lifts about 17 feet. A few miles up and you come to Waterford where the Mohawk River enters the Hudson and where the Erie Canal starts west.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Exxon discharge on Newtown Creek

A "bouquet" of discharge pipes midway up Newtown Creek at the Exxon spill. The only active discharge today is Exxon's. The DEC has given Exxon a permit to discharge ground water tainted with petrochemicals - it runs 24/7.