Friday, September 21, 2012

Esopus Creek, 9/19/12, after strong cold front

This post is from 9/19:

Yesterday, I spent late afternoon and night during storm on Rondout in Kingston, best trib during potential flood events. This morning I ran back up to get a water sample on tidal Esopus Creek because our community partners sampled up the watershed yesterday, before the rain surge, and I hope to get an interesting little story from this.

At the mouth of the Creek there were great turbid swirls being torn off by a strong ebb in the River. Inside, thecreek was very turbid – shades of DEP releases and “Irene.” I talked to Patrick at the Lighthouse and he says DEP is not releasing water. I called a friend at Catskill Creek, 10 miles farther north, and they report same turbid conditions.

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Philip Orton said...

... maybe after effects of Irene and Lee? There could still be a layer of erodable mud in the system that can be resuspended in a storm.