Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beacon Sewage Overflow

Raw sewage is flowing into the Beacon Harbor from a pipe at the northeastern corner of the harbor.

A member of the public called this sewage release into Riverkeeper's office on Saturday, September 17. Riverkeeper investigated the report, documented the discharge and called it into the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and authorities in the City of Beacon on Sunday, September 18.

Riverkeeper sampled in the area of the discharge on September 23. That sampling confirmed very high sewage levels (>24,196 per 100/ml, the highest our system can read). Based on this data, and the lack of public notification for this ongoing release, today we issued a press release strongly advising the public to avoid contact with the water in Beacon Harbor until the source of the spill has been fixed and testing confirms that water quality has returned to acceptable levels.

Video showing the flow rate of the spill
The blue color of the water is typical for sewage spills

The water is flowing out of this spillway and into the harbor

This is the view of the harbor with the source of the sewage overflow behind you

Debris that appears to be toilet paper clings to the branches of shrubs next to the overflowing pipe
Learn about our push for a Sewage Right to Know Law for New York State
See our historic water quality data for Beacon Harbor


Zane Hovell said...

This overflow is quite difficult to clean. Back home, whenever a leak is detected, plumbers in kwinana usually render a 24-hour on-call during emergencies like this. This is to protect marine life as well as children who might come in contact with the river.

Margaret J. Lawson said...

I wonder if there's anything that had been planned or initiated to prevent this overflow in the future. It does not only risk property, it also endangers the health of the people nearby.