Thursday, April 28, 2011

Winter Work: Starting to Put Her Back Together

Progress on the boat 3/28/11 through 4/10/11
Fourteen weeks in.

Patching and cleaning up sheer strake continues – we use it as a filler job – in between doing other things.

Luke shaping pins to fill old fastener holes in transom framing
Frames are pinned, ready for planking
New end of bottom transom plank finally glued up
Next plank up on transom gets new end glue up as well
This shows both planks with new ends installed
Chris and Luke cutting back plywood deck edge to install hardwood edge
Deck edge cut - detail
Luke shaping and fairing the repairs to side deck faces
Chris and his brother Jimmy glue first piece of hardwood edge on deck at transom

At this point anyone and everyone who knows Chris should be concerned about being forced to work on this job. 
My advice - leave town before he calls. 
No one is safe or exempt.

Except Chris’s sidekick, Toby. He refuses to help in any way...


Anonymous said...

Nice repair! Thanks for all the has been fun to watch this from afar.
Best wishes to the Fletcher and crew for the 2011 patrol season!

- Lee Roach

Tracy Brown said...

Thanks for the note Lee. We are looking forward to launch day, fast approaching.