Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rot Uncovered

Winter repairs: end of third week
Continue removing sheer strake – three sections per side. 
Some problems found this week. We expected this – otherwise why take off the planks – still, painful. No euphoria this week.

Chris cutting nails driven down through the plywood deck into sheer strake. Original builders saved money using nail fasteners instead of screws when boat was built – but they’re costing us big time now.

Detail - a handy saw for this particular job.

Second plank on port side is off. We’re finding some rot in deck nailers.

Forward most plank comes off port side. Lots of shape to this one.

Find more issues under forward plank as well.

These are the plank fasteners. First Chris drills head off, then extracts nail by drilling down around it with a custom hollow core drill bit.

Port side planks are off - starting starboard side. Chris is removing last of caulking cotton.

More rot in fashion piece just inside of transom on starboard side. 
“Better days are coming.”


Ross said...

wow! tedious work, and lots of hidden wood rot. Captain John of the riverkeeper and Chris are all over it: Multi- Master and some sort of nail crow bar here. Thanks for the pics. Interesting to see the work in process.

Debby said...

It isn't obvious how much work goes into maintaining the boat, until you see inside it.

MomentSurf said...

Looks like LOTS of tedious work Chris...GOOD LUCK! Keep up the good work.