Friday, December 17, 2010

Boat Hauled for 2010

We hauled the R. Ian Fletcher for winter work. Our ambition schedule this season includes carpentry, electronics and painting.

The next step is to build a cover shelter that will protect the boat and allow room to work on her. That shelter, and the trailer behind the boat, will serve as my winter office.


Philip said...

Great to see the pics. Good luck with the new digs. Remind me where you are... Ossining?

John Lipscomb, Riverkeeper Boat Captain said...

One block south of Westerly Marina.

lawschooltransparency said...

Excited to see the new and improved raft come spring (via photos, since I'm down in Chile now). Maybe you can get some Riverkeeper interns to do some of the heavy work. Hope all is well and best of luck with the work.

Patrick Lynch,
former intern (who still has video footage of other former interns trying to pull garbage out of the river and nearly getting tossed out of the boat.)